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This history of the neighborhood plays a vital part in the identity of its residents. If you have lived in the neighborhood for many years, the neighborhood history is a heartfelt reminder of days gone by.

If you have just come to call the neighborhood home, it is a way to learn more about the new community you have joined. We would love nothing more than to be able to share the history of neighborhood name with all who reside here.

This article was printed in the San Diego Union, December 1906, and was found in the archives at Balboa Park:

South Park Offers Every Inducement to the Home Builder
Bartlett Estate Company Makes Commendably
Favorable Prices on Lots

There are many new residence sections in San Diego, but only one South Park. This sub-division, which was placed on the market by the Bartlett Estate Company some six months ago, stands apart from all the rest. It is the residence section which has an undisputed right to the use of that much abused qualifying adjective 'high class'. When a new resident of San Diego inquires for a piece of property 'a little better,' the real estate agent invariably refers him to South Park. There, such a person will find an environment of stability and refinement and there he may build a home possessing every comfort and convience within and without.
Nature endowed South Park with those qualities espceially desirable in attractive home property. It is located along the east boundry of San Diego's City Park. On one side the resident has a view of green valleys and grey old mountains, and on the other he may catch a glimpse of Point Loma and the blue bay. Fortunately, this property was a section of the Bartlett Estate, for the Bartlett Estate company has earned the reputation in San Diego of doing things right. Accordingly the improve-ments were made thoroughly in harmony with the natural characteristics of the place, and every artificial touch was added which was considered necessary to make it the delightful home spot Nature evidently intended it to be.
The owner of a South Park home is fortunate in possessing a residence containing every modern improvement which can be obtained in any city. Broad streets, wide sidewalks, water pipes, palms, street cars and sewers-all are there for the enjoyment and use of South Park residents. Not on paper, be it understood, but in actual use. For the Bartlett Estate adopted the unusual, although commendable, policy of completing the improvements and then placing the property on the market.
The problem of disposing of sewage was forever solved by the installation of a septic tank: thus doing away with any possible chance of offensive odors, or unsanitary conditions. Streets have been graded in conformity with city measurements, obviating any subsequent expense to land owners in that direction. In short, nothing which would add to the beauty or comfort of South Park as a residential section has been overlooked.
Having made South Park a thoroughly high class residence district, the next step was to forever keep it so. Accordingly in every deed the Bartlett Estate Company insesrts certain building resstrictions which, without being in the slightest degree opressive to the man who desires a permanently pleasant and comfortable home, will prevent for all time those annoying events which sometimes disturb the serenity of the btst residence sections in every city. The noise and smoke of factories and shops, which will grow worse as the city progresses, will never enchroach upon the beauties of South Park. Every dwelling house erected on this tract must cost at least $3500.00. No intoxicating liquors may ever be manufactured or sold there. No apartment houses or flats, or in fact any buildings except dwelling houses and out houses appurtenant thereto may be erected on the premises. A few other prudent restrictions regarding the placing of buildings, etc., were adopted. In this maner every owner of a residence in South Park has the comforting assurance that his home will never decease in value through the forcing upon the neighborhood of any disagreeable features, and he may dwell in peaceful certainty regarding the substantial character of the citizens he and his family ive almongst and come in contact with. This is why South Park is seperate and distinct from all other residence sections of San Diego.
South Park is located within two miles of the postoffice, allowing the resident to travel from his home to his ofice in fifteen munites or less and for this reason is popular with business men. A franchise was secured by the Bartlett Estate Company for the construction and maintenance of a street railway on thirtieth Street; both north and south, through and along South Park to B Street, down B to F and thence to Fourth Street and the center of the city. Construction work has begun immediately, a temporary power house erected, and at present the railway is in operation as far as D Street. Hre passengerrs are transferred to the cars of the city line, a ten minute service being maintaained. Delays occasioned by over-due construction materials have greatly interfere with the progress of contstruction work of F Street, but the ties and rails are now o the ground; additional cars are to arrive by January 1st and in the course of three weeks the Bartlett Estate Company hopes to carry South Park residents the entire distance to the city o its own line. A permanent plant for the purpose of operating the entire system has been installed in conjunction with that of the Consolidated Gas & Electric Company, the entire equiptment, however, being the property of the Batlett Estate. The work of street grading, putting down side walks and installing the other improvements in that part of the tract which has not yet been offered to the public, is also being pushed rapidly to completion.
The Bartlett Estate is under the direction of E. Bartlett Webster, its president, who has a suite of offices in the Sefton blockk on Fith Street.Prices of South Park home sites compare favorably with thos residence sections having far less to offer in the way of location and improvements, and as a consequence of these moderate terms and the desirability of the property the company has readily disposed of each tier of lots as the improveents have been completed. Several handsome residences have been erected in the tract, each one being of such character to add to the attractiveness of the locality. The San Diego Union December 1906

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  • South Park a National Historic District
    South Park was originally part of a streetcar system, which had the good fortune of having John D. Spreckels own the streetcar system. By his order, they were designed in San Diego, and for San Diego. The San Diego 'Class 1' streetcars, were custom made for the Panama-California Exposition in 1915. They are big, spacious, and beautiful works of art. By a miracle, 3 have survived, and happen to be ideal candidates to operate on our streets again. I plan on making sure South Park is included in my proposed 'Gold Line', a city wide system to connect all areas around Balboa Park, to downtown and Little Italy. Go to my web site for more information on bringing back our 'street cars'.
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